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Have you watched Fast and Furious movies? If yes, you probably love racing cars and bikes. There are many racing moves and games available on the world wide web. If you love racing cars and bikes, you can start playing a racing game on your smart device or PC. Speaking of racing games, CarX Street is an ideal game to play on your mobile device. If you are new to this game, you can learn all you need to know about CarX Street APK from this website.

CarX Street

Introduction to CarX Street APK

CarX Street is a famous 3D racing mobile game that was developed and published by CarX technologies. It is a free gaming app that allows you to play exciting street racing, easy-running highway driving, and normal car traffic. You can get a realistic driving experience in the gameplay.  

With the CarX Street APK game on your device, you can be a professional driver and enjoy drifting and speeding cars. You can play various super sports cars, extreme speed cars, and many track choices in this game to test your driving skill level. It also allows you to beat your opponents and win a variety of championships.


CarX Street is an open-world racing game that features various maps that allow drivers to show their skills. The drivers have their own unique set of skills. When speaking of open-world racing games, there are some famous games that come to our minds. They are, Need for Speed, High-Speed Drifting, Realistic races through freeways and urban streets, Courtesy of the makers of CarX Drift Racing 2, etc. This CarX Street Download is also an amazing open-world game similar to these other popular games. Billions of people all over the world are playing CarX on their mobile devices because of its amazing gameplay. It gets regular updates with exciting features, so CarX Street has been on the hot seat since its release date in 2014.  

Simply tap on the Download button from this official website to download CarX on your device. After that, hop into your favorite sports car and fasten your seatbelts because CarX Street Download will bring you to the most exciting and dangerous world of street racing.

CarX Street – App Details

App NameCarX Street
PublisherCarX Technologies
Latest Version0.8.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

User Guide of CarX Street Download

You can directly download CarX APK on your mobile device from this very official website. Multiplayer will make CarX Street Download better in the future; however, at this point, it is simply about choosing and buying a car that pleases you and tuning it down to the spec sheet within one inch of a land-speed record.   You can satisfy your yearning to drive the best or the biggest sports cars in the world in this gameplay. You can feel the driving horsepower right at your fingertips, as its well-tuned physics lets gamers feel every bit of power in their chosen cars. Adjust your car to make sure it meets your needs of how you want. With all these features together, you will feel that no other racing game will provide these types of emotions that you get from CarX Street.


It is possible to hold off a moment of the game and check out other driving games. After playing some races, it will offer you extra activities and more things to explore in the CarX Download game.   It has Sprints and Races, and each one of them has its own criteria of what minimum level of a car is needed to compete and to perform activities of a race. CarX Street varies from regular racing games because it will let you face some tough situations in this game, and you will have to get out of them as soon as possible. A CarX player can do many things, like race, possess assets, keep their properties, and create communities.

Functionality in CarX Street APK

You can zoom through the ultimate street racing scene in the CarX gameplay with just a single tap of a finger. In this game, players select an event, gather a racing lineup out of their garage, and compete to win. You can make your garage a trophy case of legendary racing in this CarX Street Download game by racing to gather them at breakneck speeds.  

Clarified controls let you focus on experiencing a good time while controlling the timing of your gas, boost, and brake is the key to victory. Remarkable close-up footage that was captured by action cameras follows the racing adrenaline. Once you tear off the pavement, the world becomes alive in breathtaking 3D. It is a new and genuine way to enjoy CarX Street APK. You can put your garage through its steps wherever and whenever you like. Small races take less than a minute to reach victory, while longer and narrative-driven races with the best sports cars and multiple paths take hours to come to an end. It allows you to easily master your vehicle’s speed, braking, and boost with a single touch of a finger by making racing a piece of cake.

If you need to race at breakneck speeds and destroy the opposition, CarX Download will satisfy your need ad any time you want. Speed up to the limit as you pull through town in restored vintage automobiles. Play against players from all over the world in one-on-one and point-by-point races for ascendancy. The fun and thrills in CarX Street will not end, thanks to its additional features.

You can collect, purchase, and customize more than fifty official vehicles from the world’s top automakers. USA’s Muscle Cars, including Dodge Supercars and Chevrolet such as Lamborghinis and McLaren, Ford, and Nissan, also make a street-legal version of their sporty Skylines and Mustangs. Gather various vehicles from each genre and use them to beat various bosses in Story mode.


Exciting Features of CarX Street Download

  • CarX sports an amazing campaign story mode that maximizes its immersive experience. Find out the annoying and dirty secrets to destroy the empire of Winston.
  • It features an exciting online mode for players to enjoy. So you and your friends can race in a realistic 3D environment.
  • CarX Street Download sports realistic physics, which is a rareness, especially in racing. This game makes sure that players feel every last bit of horsepower of sports cars in a practical and exciting 3D environment with the top-notch technology and well-tuned physics in CarX.
  • The development team of the CarX game provides different game mods for players, so you won’t get bored when playing it. Each of these modes has unique characteristics and mind-blowing challenges that keep the game interesting, even if it is your 1000th lap on the road.
  • The development team has also added a wide variety of flashy sports cars to the game’s car list. So you can select your favorite sports car and customize it as per your needs.
  • CarX APK beta has a unique car-upgrading system. Therefore, the components will never be identical, even if your opponent has the same car.
  • You can upgrade your car as you like by using the gold from your race victories. Interior, suspension, tires, spoilers, exterior, and Nitros; there is everything to add.
  • CarX sports breathtaking visual and realistic 3D graphics. Combined with amazing speed and drift animations, the CarX APK functions as a whole ball of wax for racing category lovers.


Important CarX Tips for Beginners

With such a variety of gameplay styles, tactics, and modes, a racer can easily get confused when beginning in the immersive racing world of CarX Street all money. So we have collected some handy tips to read so that you can begin on the right foot.

Don’t be a One-Car Racer

Even if it is your dream car, you should not invest all your money in buying a single vehicle because the races will get more competitive when you progress on the leaderboards. So you must have a variety of fully-modified cars per the requirement of the race. Therefore, keep modifying multiple cars from time to time instead of investing all your money on a single car.

Modify Controller Settings First

CarX Download sports various modifiable and dynamic controller settings to smooth every kind of gamer. So if you get used to the default controllers, it will be harder to switch controllers later on. Therefore, you must try every type of controller and modify controls as you want. Keep testing and start your racing career with the most comfortable ones. Facile and comfortable controller settings can offer you a notable edge over competitors. Therefore, get friendly with controls as you want and race freely.

CarX APK Download on Android Devices

CarX Street is a cross-platform racing game that you can use on both Android and iOS devices. If you are an Android device user, you must enable “Unknown Sources” before installing CarX Street APK from our official website because you are going to download it from an external source.   The following is the step-by-step guide to downloading CarX APK on an Android device.

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” from Settings > More Settings > Security.
  2. Then tap on the Download button given on this very official website of CarX Street.
  3. When the downloading is completed, tap on the CarX Street APK file and then tap on Install.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. When the installation is done, you will see the CarX app icon on your device’s home screen.
  6. After all, now you can launch the game and start playing it.


CarX Street Download on iOS Devices

We have also attached the direct download link to the CarX iOS file on this website. You can simply tap on it to download the CarX Street iOS file on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.   For your convenience, we have given the step-by-step installation guide for CarX iOS Download in the below section.

  1. Tap on the appropriate Download button given on this website and then tap on Install from the next page.
  2. Next, tap Install again when the Install profile page loads, and then go to your iDevice’s home screen. Then enter your device’s passcode when asked.
  3. Then you will see the CarX Street game installed on your device’s home screen.
  4. After all, now you can use the CarX game on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to get an amazing racing game experience.

CarX Street iOS 16.6 [Latest Version]

The iOS 16.6 is the latest version of iOS family. This version is now fully released to the public. With the release of this version to the public, the developers of CarX Street released their next update to the public as well. So, without any interruption, now you can play CarX  on your latest iDevices.

CarX Street iOS 16.5

The CarX iOS 16.5 is now available to download. This version is now fully compatible with any iDevice running with iOS 16.5. So, if you are a crazy car lover, now it’s time to play CarX Street without any issues.

CarX Street iOS 16.4

The CarX iOS 16.4 is now available to download. This version of CarX is fantastic, including several new features with bug fixes and improvements.

CarX Street iOS 16.3

The CarX is now available for iOS 16.3. The CarX Street iOS 16.3 is a significant update in the CarX history. So, if you’re a user of iOS 16.3, now it’s time to play CarX Street on your iOS 16.3 device.

CarX Street iOS 16.2

CarX iOS 16.2 is now available to download. The iOS 16.2 is now fully released to the public, and with the release of this version, the CarX game is fully compatible with the iOS 16.2 version.

CarX Street iOS iOS 15.7.2

The iOS 15.7.2 is fully compatible with the iPhone 6s (all models), iPhone 7 (all models), iPhone SE (1st generation), iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch (7th generation) devices. So, if you’re a race-enthusiastic, it’s time to play CarX Street on iOS 15.7.2.

CarX Street iOS 16.1.2

The CarX is now available for iOS 16.1.2 as well. The developers of CarX Game released their recent update with the release of iOS 16.1.2. So, if you are a user of iOS 16.1.2, now it’s time to play CarX Street without interruption.

CarX Street iOS 16.1.1

The iOS 16.1.1 is already in the public. With the release of this version, the CarX Street developers also released the next update, which is compatible with iOS 16.1.1.

CarX Street iOS 16.1

The iOS 16.1 is a minor update version of iOS 16. Millions of iOS users now use this version, and with the release of this fantastic iOS version, the developers of CarX Street Game also released the following update compatible with iOS 16.1. So, if you’re a user of iOS 16.1, now it’s time to play CarX Street on your iDevice.

CarX Street iOS 16.0.11

With the release of iOS 16.0.1, your game CarX Street also updated its compatibility settings up to this iOS version; with the help of CarX Street iOS 16.0.1, any iDevice can play this game right now. 

CarX Street with iOS 16

CarX Street, developed by CarX Technologies, is a popular street racing game that offers players an exhilarating experience behind the wheel of powerful and customizable cars. The game has garnered a large and dedicated player base since its initial release, and with the introduction of iOS 16, CarX Street takes its gameplay to the next level.

Enhanced Graphics and Visual Effects

One of the standout features of CarX Street with iOS 16 is the enhanced graphics and visual effects. The game now boasts stunning high-definition graphics, realistic lighting, and improved particle effects, making each race feel like a cinematic experience. From the gleaming reflection of sunlight on the car’s body to the dynamic weather effects, the visual enhancements add depth and realism to the gameplay.

Improved Gameplay Mechanics

iOS 16 introduces improved gameplay mechanics to CarX Street, making it even more enjoyable and engaging for players. The handling of the cars has been fine-tuned, offering a more responsive and realistic driving experience. The physics engine has also been enhanced, ensuring that vehicle collisions and interactions are more lifelike and satisfying.

Advanced Customization Options

CarX Street has always been known for its extensive customization options, and with iOS 16, the game takes it up a notch. Players can now personalize their cars with various body kits, decals, rims, and paint options. The level of detail and the variety of choices available allow players to create truly unique and eye-catching vehicles that reflect their style and personality.

CarX Street


CarX Drift Racing 2

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CarX Drift Racing 2 is a thrilling mobile racing game that caters to adrenaline junkies and drifting enthusiasts. With its realistic physics and immersive graphics, it offers an authentic drifting experience. Players can choose from a variety of cars, each with customizable features, and master the art of controlled slides around challenging tracks. The game’s intuitive controls make it accessible to both casual gamers and seasoned racers. Online multiplayer modes allow for intense competitions and a chance to showcase drifting skills. Whether honing techniques in single-player mode or battling opponents online, CarX Drift Racing 2 delivers heart-pounding drift action.

CarX Drift Racing Online

CarX Drift Racing Online

“CarX Drift Racing Online” is a multiplayer drift racing game that offers players the excitement of drifting through various tracks and locations. Players can customize their cars, adjust performance settings, and participate in online races against other players. The game focuses on the art of drifting, where players need to skillfully control their cars through slides and turns while maintaining control and style.


CarX Street FAQs:

01). Is CarX Street free for Android?

Yes, CarX Street is a complete freeware game that you can download on your Android smartphone, phablet, or tablet.

02). What is the release date of CarX APK?

The CarX developers opened beta testing on Android devices on December 31st, 2022.

03). What is the file size of CarX?

CarX Street APK file size takes about 1.1GB of your device’s storage space. And it may have extra features to download in the app.

04). Can I play CarX Street Download on PC?

Yes, you can play the CarX game on your PC as well. You must download and install an Android emulator on your PC first. After that, you can download and install the CarX Street APK program on your PC.

Final Thoughts on CarX Game

CarX Street is a dream that came true for racing game fans who like to compete with their friends. With breathtaking graphics and an eye-catching graphical structure, CarX Street APK is an all-in-one package for racing car lovers.